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edge-ucation provides business intelligence on strategic planning, technology & content partnerships, implementation and continuing evolution of global distributed learning environments.

Design of scalable learning environments: assistance planning, designing & creating self-paced learning modules AND facilitated courses, from the simplest discussion lists to synchronous audio and video, and 3D multimedia-based environments

Infrastructure, hardware, software, content selection: we'll help you find best solutions to fulfill your unique needs

Recommendations: for strategic partnerships in technology and content

Research: on future "adaptive and intelligent" technologies for state-of-the-art online learning

Consulting on best practices: for improving the online teaching and learning experience by design - emphasis on mentoring, developing learning communities of teachers and students, self-directed learning & co-learning, learning styles, dialogue & learning conversations, collaborative knowledge creation, assessment models

Customized online seminars and executive briefings: to keep you at the leading edge in the e-learning field

Primary focus--Future Technologies: History, current use & research of Adaptive & Intelligent Web-based educational systems (including use of intelligent agents, adaptive curriculum or learning task sequencing, intelligent analysis of learners' solutions, intelligent problem solving support, intelligent analyzers, adaptive collaboration support, adaptive presentation and navigation support). Role of learning styles and strategies, 3D imaging, animation, haptics, sonification, brainwave biofeedback, artificial intelligence, a-life, microworlds and intelligent tutoring systems in advanced global internetworked learning environments.

The edge-ucation consulting team brings over ten years experience as award-winning learning network designers & architects, with twenty+ years in education, full spectrum of public to private.

Consulting, guidance and support
for every aspect of e-learning
-- with equal emphasis on technical AND best practices.

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