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our inspiration was hearing the same sentence over and over again in the education world: "I know the way we teach and learn has to change but I don't know what it could look like."

our reponse is to showcase models of the possible and when they don't exist, create them.

for example: In 1988, Claudia L'Amoreaux founded The Whole Earth Learning Center, a community learning center/new media lab for parents and children. The WELC helped create and coordinate activities for young people & parents ranging from workshops in computers & multimedia to world music experiences.

and: In 1992, Claudia designed and launched the model youth apprenticeship program, Journey: teenagers apprenticed full time in a multimedia studio. They learned Photoshop, 3D Studio, Premiere, and other new media tools. They collaborated with artists, animators, modelers and video techs, working on real-life projects, including the creation of a Virtual Reality studio for SigGraph. Multimedia portfolios documented their achievements.

and: In 1996-1998, Claudia was Producer and Editorial Director of the Planetary Dialogues website Onsite Magazine, in the field and in house.

In the field: Salzburg, Austria and Jerusalem, Israel
selected stories
set up and conducted video interviews
coordinated site photography and QTVR teams

In house:
created site theme, tone and look
coordinated designers, technical and editorial staff
wrote, directed and edited original content

The site was given a GII (Global Information Infrastructure) Education Award in March of '98 as one of the top 50 education sites on the web.

Stan Bunger of New Media News interviewed Claudia and the Planetary Dialogues team. You can read it or watch it (RealPlayer).

currently: at work on The Edge-ucation Dialogues--conversations with people at the leading edge of the learning arts, and The Edge-ucation Matrix, an e-learning community exploring the transformative potential of global networked learning.

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